Nagayasu Ogasawara

Born during the height of World War II in Osaka, Japan, at age four, Nagayasu and his family abandoned their home and general store they owned, and fled to the rural mountains of Japan where the feared B-29 enemy aircraft never flew. With his young life torn apart by war, Nagayasu became a bully, the terror of the mountainside, until discovering judo at the age of eleven, which reverted him onto a positive path. Upon earning his degree in Physical Education from Kokushikan Unversity in Tokyo, Japaan, he was sent to the United States by his university to teach judo. He established Kokushi Dojo in Westwood, New Jersey, where he coached and mentored countless students of all ages, including Olympians and a National Hero. Nagayasu Ogasawara is the author of 5 books, and 2 DVD series. He is the recipient of several distinguishing awards: Collegiate Judo Coach of the Year (1994), National Judo Coach of the Year (1996), as awarded by the US Olympic Committee, and the Jeremy Glick Memorial Spirit of Judo Award, presented by the United States Judo Federation in 2002. Books by Nagayasu Ogasawara: Judo (only available in Japanese), A Safe Way to Teach and Learn Judo for Children, Textbook of Judo, and Illustrated Action Karate.

For more information on Nagayasu Ogasawara please visit his website.

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